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Welcome to the ARIH PRESS website.

CEO. Kim Jeong-seop

Hello, customer.

Thank you for visiting the ARIH PRESS website.
ARIH PRESS is a professional high-speed precision press manufacturing company.


ARIH PRESS's 'ARIH' has the meaning of pioneering a new path and pursuing the growth and development of the company as small streams of water gather to form a big river.


ARIH PRESS is a company made up of high-speed press engineers.
At CS, the originator of high-speed press, we are manufacturing advanced high-performance high-speed presses based on our know-how that we have worked in each field for over 20 years in charge of technology development, production assembly, A/S, and sales.


In the future, ARIH PRESS will continue to research and develop customer satisfaction first, making presses that are more precise and convenient, and that can contribute to the improvement of your company's productivity.


thank you.

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